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Who Are We?

We are small town, we are big city.  We are quiet and reserved, we are loud and crazy.  We are makeup and perfect hair, and we are dressed for Wal-Mart.  We are compassionate, and we are sarcastic.  We are hilarious, and we are dry.  We are sports fans and music fans and animal lovers and race fanatics.  We are opinionated and we are considerate.  We are forgiving, and we

hold grudges.  

We get mad, we get real, but we love.  Most of all, we love.  We are a blended family.

Our Humble Beginnings

We started this journey as a family who enjoys spending time together.  One of our favorite places to gather and relax is at home.  Having a home filled with decor that tells a story, that brings warmth to the space or a smile to the heart always made being with those we loved that much more comfortable. So started this little business of ours.  We began to make our home decor that matched our unique personalities. From there, we started gifting our creations, which eventually led to selling them.  And we took such pride in our work.  From start to finish, everything was perfected by our family's collective hands.  Our mission was, and remains, to make sure each piece that traveled from our hands to your home was one that brought you joy and comfort.

Throughout the entirety of our journey, one thing has remained constant: our desire to make people happy, to make them feel cherished and valuable and worthy.  And while home decor certainly plays its part, it can only go so far.  Thus, an idea was born.

The Birth of the Elliot Carter Subscription Box

We began offering subscription boxes to teachers, in order to give them a sort of "happy box" full of surprises each month that would bring a smile to the faces of stressed out, overworked, over-stimulated and underpaid teachers.  (One of our founders is a teacher, and knows all too well that that struggle is quite real.)  From there, the nurse box had to follow.  If anyone is more overworked than a teacher, it's definitely a nurse!  And because we knew the struggle of one of these professions so intimately, we knew that we had to create something special that would allow nurses and teachers, as well as other medical and school professionals, to devote themselves to self-care.  Once we hit on that realization, we knew we had finally reached the destination of our business journey.  The feeling that comes with curating a box full of the perfect goodies to help people love themselves....well, there is nothing that compares.

Here at Elliot Carter, we have a simple motto:  Choose Happy.  For us, this means that you actively choose to love, and love ON yourself, because you are choosing to put yourself first. After all, we can't be our best at our jobs if we're not at our best self.  We are driven to help you be your absolute best by becoming your source for all things self-care.  

And our motto for our self-care subscription boxes is quite simple:  Self-care is not selfish.  If you put yourself first, you are unstoppable.  We're here to help you make that happen.

Update:  At the end of our first year with the teacher subscription, we created The Cozy Book Club.  This was initially offered to teachers for the summer months, to help them relax and unwind during their much-deserved summer break.  It became so popular, we decided to keep it as an option.

Our Company Name

You might also wonder about our name.  Elliot Carter is the newest addition to our perfectly blended family.  She is the first and only grand baby. (Update:  Swayze T, our second grandbaby, will be here early December 2023.)   She is sweet and kind and happy and precious and at only a year old, she already had her hand in parts of the creative process.  Her thirst for knowledge, her eagerness to learn, and her empathetic nature make her the perfect model to represent our values.

If we can make you only half as happy as "The Real Elliot Carter" (Ellie) makes us, we've succeeded with our entire mission.

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