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  • As members of the medical field, you spend so much of your time and energy caring for the sick, the wounded, and those in crisis.  You pour your heart and soul into your job, and you work with a selfless diligence that often leaves you drained, while those you care for often thrive under your compassionate, loving care.


    This is why we feel it's so very important for you to nurture yourself.  If you're drained and exhausted, you can't perform at your best.  And caring for others is what you do best.  But now it's time to take care of you!


    This is where we come in.  We've done some research.  We know and love some nurses who have given us some amazing, valuable feedback.  And after digging into your world, we think we know what you need.  So we've curated some amazing products to help you take care of YOU.    


    Your monthly subscription will focus on one area per month where you need the most love.  These areas will include:



    • Foot Care
    • Skin and Muscle
    • Face
    • Hair
    • Mental Health
    • and More!







    Self-Care RX

    PriceFrom $35.00
    Price Options
    One-time purchase
    Nurse Yourself!
    Time to Take Care of You!
    $35.00every month until canceled
    • Sometimes, our regular brand will be out of stock in certain sizes and/or colors.  In this case, we use our second supplier, which offers the same quality in comfort, but their sizing runs a little bigger.  If we must order from this supplier, we will automatically size you down one size (which makes it the perfect fit for you!)  

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